2018 year is the best year for you to get an apartment in Cyprus from North Shore!

Why? Because in December we are releasing 3 projects simultaneously! They are totally unlike each other, have different location, and individual layout – they can truly match any person! If you are looking for an apartment in a high-rise building in the city center because you don’t want to miss any party or just to stay close to the famous harbor – we can offer our amazing Sel 22. If you have family and children and don’t want to worry about them reaching school or just to stay in a quiet peaceful area – Bella Sel right in front of The English School of Kyrenia (the best school in Cyprus) is the one for you! Even if you are looking for a budgetary apartment or think about renting your brand-new flat, Sel Catalkoy is the right choice!

There are no impossible tasks for us! If it is something connected to the Real Estate and Construction, we have it and we can do it!